Day 1 of our Queensland Adventure

 A few years ago a group of us went on a Queensland holiday - very exciting.  At the time I wrote a daily account of what we did and posted it on facebook. I have decided to post it here after some spurring on by a friend who has enjoyed my other posts, and following on from positive comments from readers at the time of the original posts.  

So here is day 1:

So, we got to Jarrad and Janet's at about 12 because even though our flight was not until 4pm, the girls wanted to get there in plenty of time. I was just glad to have soemthing to do because it was HOT! 47 degrees!

On the way up we saw the smoke from the beginnings of the Black Saturday bush fires which was very intense.

Amy and Leah as first time flyers were very funny. They were quite nervous and Janet almost peed her pants with laughter on the take off! Very cruisy flight although Virgin Blue are just lecherous with those little tv's in the seats and then charging you 5 bucks for every 20mins you want to watch it!!

One of our friends had given us this teddy bear to take with us called Jett Bear who she gives to people when they go on holidays so that he has travelled the world.  Why she would give us such a thing when she knows I am going on the trip and will obviously do something terrible to it remains a mystery, but nonetheless he came along.

Arrived very smoothly in Queensland in the evening to lovely warm weather. We got our car, a clapped out old station wagon with a very un-nerving exhaust rattle, and headed off to our apartment. About 5 minutes out of Surfer's we get a phone call from the airport informing us that they have my wallet (It must have fallen out of my pocket on the plane), so we head BACK to the airport to get it.

We finally get to the apartment and from the outside we are quite unimpressed. Late check in means we have to go through an Amazing Race style series of clues and tasks to get the key, but we manage to get in. Walking through the hallways of the place, we are again a tad disappointed, but once we get in the room (very spacious and nice), we feel a little better.

And so once we're in, we decide it's probably a good time to go and get some food.

We make a list of what we need and head off to the supermarket.

But it's closed

And it's only 7.00pm!!!!!

So we head further down the road towards a large shopping centre where there are TWO supermarkets.

But when we get in the car park, straight away an alarm goes off. We ask a passing cleaner if we did something to set it off, but she unconcernedly informs us it is a fire alarm and sure enough when we exit the car park, fire trucks pull up all over the place.

Starving by this point we head back up the road to KFC to get something to eat. It was the most disgusting KFC I have ever visited. Dirty, feral people, feral staff and the food was indescribable!

We head back to the supermarkets and guess what? They're BOTH closed!! Turns out everything shuts at 5.30 on a Saturday in QLD. So we head into Surfer's Paradise to try and find something there.

We eventually stumble on an IGA where everything seems to cost $10 more per item than it would anywhere else. We are appalled and so just buy enough stuff for breakfast and then head home.

Back in our apartment, exhausted from our series of calamities, we hang out on the balconies and check out the great views (although it's dark by this point). All exhausted and tired we head for bed, I'm sure all hoping that tomorrow will be much better!

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