Day 2 of our Queensland Adventure

Everybody woke up at the crack of dawn virtually (probably mostly because the sun rises at a ridiculous time in Queensland and was blaring through the windows!)

We went down and explored all the areas of the Sandy Point resort. We checked out the gym, the pool room, the pool, spas, sauna, tennis court, bbq areas and whatever else we could find. Then we USED the pool, outdoor spa and sauna where everyone got a little massage - except me:-(

Then we went back up to our room and the girls took AGES to get ready to go out. I mean AGES.

We went for a walk around the surrounding areas. Our resort was located along the front of the Braodwater inlet and there are some pretty swish hotels around there. We had a look through the restaurants and walked along the foreshore where there was a sandbar that created a nice little swimming pool.

Then we headed out to Pacific Fair (Or as Jarrad kept saying Pacific Affair). We all split up in there so the girls could kinda do their own thing (shopping) and we could just mosey around at leisure. We found a great lolly shop that stocked a whole bunch of English stuff which was cool.

It seemed like we had to wait ages for the girls to come back before we could have lunch.  In our frustration we began torturing Jett Bear. There were several fun methods of doing this, but nothing quite so brilliant as the following:

We came upon a life sized fiberglass elephant. Amy put Jett on top of it and took a photo. 

Then Michael, in a moment of pure genius, grabbed the bear, went behind the elephant and shoved it up it's backside. One of the funniest things I've ever seen is half a teddy bear sticking out the back of an Elephant's butt. Kudos to you Mike!


We met up altogether for lunch in a very nice food court that had pretty much everything so lunch was very satisfying. We pretty much stuck together after that and went back to the lolly shop and also the the popcorn stand where we picked up some great flavoured popcorn (Buffalo Wings and Double Butterscotch).

Then we just did some grocery shopping and headed home!

That night we met up with Steve and Leo at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. 

Steve was very keen to show off his "I Love Dad" temporary tattoo, whilst Leo sported an Elvis one. Needless to say after dinner everyone piled into the temporary tattoo place to get one of their own (I did not, owing to the fact that I already have a REAL one because I'm much tougher than those guys!).

A few of us also checked out Infinity, which was very cool. It's basically a maze and you have to go through all these rooms which have different things in them like lasers, mirrors, a psychedelic wall etc. Very cool and lots of fun.

And that was pretty much the end of our second day!

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