Day 3 - Wet'n'Wild!

The first of our theme park days!!

Once again I was up at a ridiculous hour and since nobody else was up I decided to go for a run along the foreshore. It was beautiful outside and just a really nice run. Don't know how far I went, but it was about twenty minutes.

Mike and I hit the gym when he got up, but it turned out to be pretty crappy. The equipment was so rickety that we were frightened it might collapse on or under us if we used it. So instead we just cranked out some push ups and some abs.

Then it was off to Wet and Wild!!!

We met Steve and Leo in the car park and joined the queue. It was a scorcher of a day and so we were all sweating bullets before we'd even gone through the gate!!

The first ride we hit up was the Kamikaze which is basically a "u" bowl. You sit in an inflatable raft facing each other and then drop down from the top with one going forwards and one going backwards and then you slide up the other side and just keep going back and forth til you stop in the middle at the bottom. It was great. I went with Mike, but by far the best reaction came from Leo who screamed very loudly something I don't think I can write in here. Hilarious.

Then we hit up the tornado, then the black hole (meh), then the MACH 5!!!

The Mach 5 is basically a vertical drop of about 60m and you just free fall. It's excellent except I got the mother of all wedgies at the bottom. I was very proud of Leah for going on it.

Then we went on the surfrider. I was a little bit nervous about this one, I have to admit. It's basically a horseshoe shaped track with a giant surboard on it. On the surfboard are two sets of seats grouped in outwards facing circles and they spin around. As the surfboard swings back and forth on the track, your seats spin and when you are virtually hanging upside down and all of a sudden spin round to look face first at the ground before plummeting towards it - well, it's not for the faint of heart, but it was BRILLIANT.

By this point the ground was so hot that we were running everywhere we could just to get some shade to walk on!! We ran over to the aqua racer and just about burned our feet off, especially on the red astro turf which we expected to provide some relief, but which in fact scorched our feet beyond anything else instead!!

Aqua racer was crappy. Especially compared to the one here at Adventure Park. They make you sit down to start!! And it was just stupid. Mike clearly won, but it said he came 3rd or something obscure. Ripped off!

After lunch we hit up a couple of other slides (again burning our feet right off, but it was worth it to watch Jarrad sprinting up the hill in search of comfort!) before going back and doing some of the bigger ones again.

I went on the Kamikaze with Leo this time and our combined weight (about 10kgs over the limit), meant we went right to the top of the thing!

The Tornado re-visit incorporated Steve trying to get us as high up as possible as well as trying to get the funniest photo we could. It was pretty good and I think Steve and Leo bought it in the end! Then back to the surfrider (again, very proud of Leah) and the Mach 5 before lazing around in the lagoon river.

Steve and Leo came back to where we were staying and we had dinner out on the waterfront. Jarrad learned the delicate art of chopsticks and that was the end of our third day!!

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